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Function introduction

RedAnt WMS is a professional warehouse management system with a comprehensive range of services. It supports barcode used in business, completed warehousing operations, EDI with stations and other organizations, online fuction, and contains full visualized process from manufacturers to customers.

Ant's Online

With browser, users can manage warehouse, a variety of orders, system setup and other businesses. It supports to EDI with stations, manufactuers and other organizations to make sure data and business accurate and efficient.

Antís Inventory

With barcode scanner, users can accomplish receiving, picking up, cycle count, order tracking, stock inquiry, multi-location and many other warehousing services.


Catalog function provides single, master, part and rate type of product and EDI function to exchange and process product information between stations. It supports users to update pictures and documents, cost and price, product of different locations, customers and vendors, inventory replenishment and trigger to remind users order in time. And it closely associates products with warehousing, purchasing and sales managements.


Customer function supports to flexibly setup and use of varieties of customer types and detailed customer management to meet the requirement of different customers, including basic information, local information, shipping cost, EDI, manufacturer, ship to, history, sales order, pick order, accounting and other management fuctions.


Employee function supports to manage user account and acess authority. It allows users to login with different accounts on the same computer at the same time to achieve efficient work.


Location function provides multiple locations and overseas locations function, including basic information, order, accounting, warehouse and area management.


Pick order function supports two kinds of pick order which added directly in pick order function and created on the basis of sales order to meet the requirement of different warehouse management modes.


Informationized inventory management can help enterprise with integrate resources, product quality, accurate warehousing operations, response to customers and competitiveness with multiple locations and areas, efficient receiving and picking up, landed cost management, tag management and many other functions.

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